Dear Girl…

Being someone like you is hard.

There will always be times when you feel inadequate. Looking at yourself in front of the mirror, you will always think that you will never be enough for anyone. You will always feel that you missed something: maybe it’s because your lipstick’s off, you’re having a bad hair day, or you look bad to your own self in general. Being single, you will rethink your decisions in life, and regardless of what people tell you, you will come home, sit in your bed, and realize you’re just not enough.

You’re not perfect — no one is. And you will never be enough for anyone, at least in this world.

If you’re not like that girl that can turn heads, that does not make you less of a person. Certain rules in this world do not apply to everyone. What applies to one person is not necessarily applicable to another, and all people are different. It’s hard to accept the differences between you and another person, especially in seeing and thinking that you are far lesser than they are; but once you do, you can always see what things in your life can play to your advantage.

You know yourself better than everyone else, and I am not one to tell you who you really are and should be. If you think you’re not hitting your expectations on time, I could not agree more. You hit those targets in God’s time, not your own.

You alone in your own strength will never be enough. Believe it or not, what will get you through it is hardwork, strong faith in yourself, and stronger faith in the One above. It is in our weakest moments that God’s power works best. So cheer up, pick up that flag, and walk proud. See yourself as how your friends and family see you — without biases and without conditions. And use that to your advantage.

And if ever you doubt yourself ever again or frustrations fill your heart, remember that I, along with those who love you, believe in you — even if the world, and you yourself, seem to think otherwise.


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